May Update

‘Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:
And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.’ – Amos 8:11-12

Thank God that right now we have abundance of the Word of God. You will find it right there on your phone, on computers, on paper, today, just about everywhere in the world. For that purpose alone the Internet was created and before you get to harsh on me for stating that, consider that the printing press was invented to print the Bible. Sounds far-fetched? To me, not really. God comes first, then the world follows. It has been and it will always be this way.

So much for an introduction.

We have invested lots of time to develop the New WP App and I hope you already checked it out. Finnally, it seems we have an app that comprised all the languages present in our website -that is, over 70 languages. Your Verse of the Day shows up faithfully every single day, and you should not miss it. Today’s verse is below:

You may build a list of favorite verses, as below. Then tou can send them to your favorite friends, and maybe your enemies too, if you have any.

If you are searching for ‘love’, you may search the Holy Bible and you will find plenty. Here below is a search for ‘trust in the Lord’

If you wish to learn a language, like Italian, for example, you may set the app on two-language mode and there you have it: you press play, to hear one language and follow the other.

If you just wish to practive your Chinese, for example, you may also use the split screen mode:
But if you love colour, highlight your favorites passages, than it is easier to share them later with your friends:

Well, if that is not enough, than consider that this is an Audio Player that will play the Holy Bible to you, chapter by chapter. You do not need to do anything, just let it play, from dawn to dusk, and beyond.

If you like the reader to read faster you may adjust that, if you like the pitch to be lower, you may adjust that too. No excuse to not listen and read the Word of God in the 21st century. Praise the Lord.

Most of the major language of the world are there, from Amharic to Zulu, from Chinese to Turkish, plus languages you probably did not know they existed.

The Android version is here

IOS version is coming. Meanwhile, if you do not have Android than use the website – just about everything in the App comes from there.

To make all this work we need servers. People who serve and machines that serve. Phil was a great help this month in updating out audio and web servers. It seems to be working now better and faster than ever. Thank you all for your support and prayers.

Here are some interesting comments from users this month:

I downloaded this on my phone and my tablet so when the battery gets flat on one device, I can listen on the other. My eyesight isn't so great so I love being able to listen to the bible. The man's voice is very pleasant. Thank you. God bless. DP

Thank you Lord for your Word. Thank you for the instruments you choose for its broadcast. Thanks Wordproject. TH

I love it because i can read it in any language i want It's amazing!!!  RS
New APP:
This is a very nice ad-free Bible app. It has lots of languages, and when I clicked on a verse it started playing it! It can even show two different languages at the same time which is helping me learn Italian! 5 stars!  PS

I would give you more than five stars if I could. An incredible improvement you have made to the previous version. The dark mode, scrolling screen, highlighted text that is read, the screen on, and playing an audio from the verse of one's choice make this app a germ. Vell done. Regards.  A.

But, there will be a time, as the Prophet Amos said, this might not be possible. Thus we should read it now and keep it in your hearts and minds.

Then, once in awhile, we get emails like this, whereof we can only say amen:

I am Nivedita Sethiya, a research scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology Indore, specializing in Speech Language Processing. I am seeking permission to utilize Bible's data from WordProject for my research.
My research focuses on Translations of Indian Languages, and I believe Bible's data will be instrumental in achieving meaningful insights.
I assure you that the data will be used exclusively for research, with proper attribution to WordProject. I am committed to adhering to any terms and conditions associated with using the data. Your support in granting access to Bible data will significantly contribute to the success of my research. I look forward to your positive response. NS

And here are the monthly stats:

Love and prayers.


April Update

Keeping WP up and running is one of our main tasks every month. The most difficult part is to keep up with the techical side of things. There are frequent updates and changes in policies on the part of server providers and internet services. Plus, there renewals and payments to be made on time. Not long ago, because of some changes in the payment system, we did not renew on time one of our domains. When we found out about it, because we were cut off, we immediatly went to settle the issue. However, the domain was already gone, taken by a shady company – we wrestled about it with the provider, to no avail. It is sad because it now serves to promote gambling – It was originaly to bring hope and salvation to the people of the world, now is bringing vice and destruction.

To make sure this does not happen again, after changing domain registrar, we have registered our main domains years ahead: wordproject, wordproaudio, wordpocket, wordfree, wordplanet, wordprokids, wordprolog, wordproaction, etc. Wordproject, for example is registered unti 2030, and we plan to do that with all our domains. Ephesians 6:12

This month we received the following comments on the Android APP:

Excellent, very good, the application has helped me a lot with the audio and the lyrics can be enlarged, I recommend it, excellent, super, I would say, it is the best, it has a good voice DL
Happy to be enjoying this wonderful application EA
This is a great virtue of work in spreading the Wisdom of God ( B from Russia)
Excellent app, practical. God bless you richly. AP
Awesome. I can listen my Bible everyday in english because i'm learning this language. Thanks. GM
Please add audio playing speed, so that if someone want to listen fast then they can. Rest all good. MC
I loved it, I'm satisfied. OS
Perfect. Natural audio, you can even study another language with alternating verses BC
It's hard to find audio Bible in Cantonese, specially covering old testament as well. Word project audio Bible provides this app for free, this is wonderful and a big help for me in my cell group studying. thank you so much. AL
A wonderful app, in addition to being the Words of God, the app is well structured and complete, I recommend it to the public, a rating of ten.  J
It is wonderful to know how many people are thankful for the Word and how they use the means we place at their disposal.

The video clips approach is rather stationary, with only 50 new subscribers this month. We are now at 2790 subscribers, which is rather low for WP expectations. We will see what we can do about improving that, but with bombastic events happening everywhere in the world, and thousands of people living off spreading lies and desinformation, it is hard for the truth to find its nitch. As the saying goes: “a lie goes around the world, while the truth is putting its boots on”. But we are here to fight. The clip below, actually did not too bad, with over 5900 viewers, mostly in the first 24 hours:

am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. (Psalms 120:7)

For your information, and in case you wish to study the Word, in whatever language you speak or prefer to read the Bible in, I really recommend that you take a look at WP new APP. It has very powerful features that work like a charm. The search engine, for example, is very helpful in finding the verses you are looking for. In the image below you may see that the search for ‘gain the whole world’, produced three results: In the Books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. You may chose the profit, profited or advantage, but they all say: ‘For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul’. (Mark 8:36)

Statistics are usually cold and dry, except in this case where you see that real people are searching everywhere for the Way the Truth and the Life, that is Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God.

Not least, from Africa we received the following images from our friends there, with a thank you for the Audio Bible devices we sent, mostly used by the blind, but not only.
Also, our friend/brother, teaching a Bible class here.

Thank you for your time reading this. We thank you for your prayers and your support.

Love and Prayers.


March Update

It is not easy to understand what is going on in the world today. Some expect good leaders to raise and lead the people out of this mess. Others, on the other hand, consider that the people themselves need to change. The second option seems to be the Biblical one, where God expected people to change. But how will people change? God gave us the Word. The Word changes hearts and minds. Changes people, nations, the world.

We are blessed to be working on a new APP, which includes languages from some remote parts of Africa, that are not yet on the website. Because it is a work in progress we recomend that you check it out and offer your comments and opinions.

Link to New APP

Also, you may share it with your friends, from Russia or Ukraine, from America or China. It is all there. Praise the Lord!

Comments on our WP Plus APP:

It is so great to be able to hear the audio KJV of the Bible. thanks. WP
The best off-line bible app. Easy to use and no ads. RG
This app is absolutely perfect! ?￰゚マᄐ I tried several audio Bible applications and according to my taste, this is the best I found?It is very easy to use, no advertising distractions, no bugs, all the texts are accurate, the readers' voices are interesting. I recommend it to everyone and if I could give more than five stars, I would! LL
This is the best App I have come across, the reason why I have given it a 4 star is because there's need for a little improvement with the dark mode display. PO
Reading and reader pleasant to hear!! JA
It is a pretty good application, since I can be working and listening to the word of God. VM
Search function in various languages and playing them is a wonderful function. ST

On the new APP:

I would give you more than five stars if I could. An incredible improvement you have made to the previous version. The dark mode, scrolling screen, highlighted text that is read, the screen on, and playing an audio from the verse of one's choice make this app a germ. Vell done. Regards . A.


Our servers recorded a spike in audio downloads this past month: 25 Terabytes, which translates to rougly 25 million chapters of the Bible. We use low resolution audio format, mainly because in India or in Africa Internet costs can be an issue and internet is sometimes slow. The stats are here:

On the video front, we are slowly building an audience who enjoy the Bible with the background of God’s creation. These video clips are originals and we are blessed to live in a country that offers rich nature sceneries:

Man shall not live by bread alone… (click to watch)

The Blind People Ministry in Kenya are thankful for this gift of WP audio Bibles:

We have been in contact with a friend in Pakistan who sent us these images of Easter as celebrated in his town:


Also, from our friend in China, we receive this image of the church he attends there:

Church in China (From our friend Mark – a Chinese person we actually met in Africa:) )

The Word is being spread far and wide and by the grace of God we are here to make our contribution: “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature’ (Mark 16:15)

Thank you for your support.

Love and prayers.


WP February Update

More than twenty years ago, when we started this ministry, we could not imagine its outreach in the future. Now we see that, through the years, the truth of the Word of God has catalysed efforts and resources from many faithful people, wherefore we are well in course to become one of the most appreciated Bible presences in the worldwide web.

Here are some remarks from our users this month, on the Android platform:

I loved the app, I like listening to the word of God to keep me in spiritual balance so that every day I can remain firm to walk the earth and know how to share and live with my fellow man! MM
With Eyes fixed upon the KJV(english) I learn to speak it outloud to myself in French, according to the Louis Second translation. JM
Excellent app. One of the only ones that has the best version of the Bible in Portuguese (ACF) with good audio. You can also download the audios to listen offline. RR
Of all the Bible apps I've used and downloaded over the years this is my favorite. KG
Blessed and it's helpful for me in daily life  DM
Easy to use, Data friendly yet with multiple languages RW
It is an excellent application to learn about God. PH
This possibility of obtaining the Word of the Creator is very gratifying, thank you for existing!!!? JMC
Very edifying to listen to the Bible on audio!!! Gratitude!! Jesus bless the project!! The audio Bible in several languages!!! Hearing the Bible in Hebrew and being edified. LF
Simple but complete app Without advertising JC
It reaches me straight forward like no other bible. I give 6 stars BC
The new App is up and running as you may verify if you are on an Android platform. IOS is coming, but we do not know when. We are working on many of the languages, which have the New Testament only, for now. It will take hundreds of man-hours to conclude the Old Testament coding for all languages, but with the help of our friend in Tanzania, we are getting there.
Here is the link to the new app:

Even if you cannot use it, you may recomend it to a friend… or even an enemy. They will appreciate you forever – literaly. This because, instead of spending all their time on facebook, tik tok, youtube, games and the likes, they can now spend time reading and hearing the Words that really matter, that really make a difference in the spirit, because they are Spirit and they are Life (check it out in John 6:63)

We try to be present in several media. Yourtube Shorts, for example:

Our shorts this month

On the low-tech side of things, the audio Bibles we sent to Africa continue to be a blessing, particularly to the blind people. Here are some images sent by our friend Mary, who works with a blind association in Kenya:

Not least, the website, WP flagship of sorts, is improving every month. We are frequently called from all corners of the earth, to make corrections, adjustments or solve technical issues. The stats reveal a live, and rather busy site, with many users who depend on it for their interaction with the Word of God. We are blessed.

As many of you know, we use the ‘Verse of the Day’ on the site for our daily edification, but also to share the Bible with our many of our friends around the world. Just a simple morning verse at a time. A reminder to keep God in our lives, and for us, an opportunity to think about that person and eventually say a prayer for them ever day. Something you might consider doing if you think the world needs change, deep change. Be blessed.
Just copy the verse and reference and paste it on your message. That simple.

We thank you for your prayers and your suppor that makes this work possible.

Love and prayers.


Stats are here:

WP January Update

Quick and powerful, meaning alive and effective, is the Word of God. This month there was an increase in the WP users and the audio downloaded from our servers reached over 20 terabytes, which is a lot of bytes! We are frequently contacted by developers who wish to use out audio or copy our pages for new websites and apps. There are sinergies generated by WP that are way above and beyond our reach or understanding. We thank God for that.

Below are more images of the new APP being developed by Joseph, our friend in Tanzania. He is excelling in producing a new WP app.

As you may see, it will have the Verse of the Day, favorites, autoscroll, audio speed control and above all, many new African languages, some of which are not yet on our website.

The audio devices we sent to Nairobi arrived and they are being distributed there or sent to Tanzania, Congo and Mozambique, as we have arranged with our friends in these places. This audio player is a blessing still, in spite of the fact that the increasing usage of mobile phones and apps is overriding its usefulness. The blind people love it:

It takes time to maintain an online ministry and if we include social media that takes about all your time. Social media is so intoxicating and adictive that the main danger for a developer is to fall into consuming it more rather than producing it. We have to fight hard not to spend hours and hours watching fascinating videos of guitar skills, drama and war, plus exibitionists, hedonists, woke and political propagandists, in their struggle for the mind and soul of the human race. Fortunately, some common sense is still there, as for the 2400 plus people who watched this ‘short’ we placed recently on our youtube channel (you may even know the location):

Be blessed.


WP December Update

From Africa, or more precisely from Tanzania, came a proposal for cooperation in the development of a new app. In fact, our first App is getting outdated and we have been thinking of an update. Our friend, a young African developer, already made a trial version and it came out to be quite interesting. We are now looking into it, but a priori it offers 2 language display, sync audio, single verse audio, search engine, etc. Praying it all goes well and we reach a good understanding in the final stages of development. Here is a sample image:

Here are images of a couple of reactions to our present apps:

Our farm project allows us to watch some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets and all other wonderful nuances happening daily in God’s creation. The filming of those is becoming the main fuel for our video channel. The colours and contrasts of nature are amazing and become an interesting background for the Verse of Day or other verses we chose to share with the world.

This steady upload of clips to our channel has resulted in more subscribers and a multiplication in clip views. With 28 thousand views in December, a total of 104 hous, we reached 2,362 subscribers to the channel:

Here is a link to a short clip watched more than 4K times on December 31st :

Short and sweet!

Not least, the Audio Bible players we have ordered last month were finally ready and were shipped to Africa. Almost, but not quite in time for Christmas. They did arrive a few days ago and will certain be a blessing to those fields. Swahili, Portuguese, French and English are the languages in this shipment. We are not charging any price for these, and as usual, they are a gift from Wordproject contributors to those who are in need. We shall see, or perhaps we will never see, the impact these Bibles will have, but either way, we know it is written: ‘So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it’. Isaiah 55:11

Here are some images of the production phase :

All in all, it was a wonderful year of accomplishments at WP. Our servers served millions of copies of the Bible in over 70 languages, both in text and in audio. Check the stats below. We are honored to be a part in this calling and I am sure you are too. Thank you for your support and prayers.


WP November Update

In my second visit to China, at the beginning of November, I had the opportunity to meet with Robin, our brother in the Lord who was instrumental in starting the audio Bible production and distribution, back in 2007. He shared a bit about the situation in the mainland and it seems he is sort of on the watch list, so he has to be careful. We talked about the old days, when we had more freedom to meet together in the golden age of the “House Church” – a blessed time. I also met with mr. Hao, our audio Bible developer. He was eager to meet us, and he was also hopeful we could place a large order of audio Bibles . Due to financial limitations, we could not place a large order, as we planned to, but we did place an order for 200 units, which we had promised to send to the blind people’s ministry in Kenya and a ministry in Congo. Also, we had some extra audio Bibles in Macau, and I brought them with me to China, in order to be shipped to Nairobi, and eventually sent to Tanzania, to the Masai ministry there. The images we received from our friend Jack, who works with the Masai, are very compelling and almost makes us feel like we live in a different planet.

We are thankful to be able to share resources with some ministries in Africa, as no matter how bad things are looking for us here, they are a shadow of the realities they face there. Another ministry we are trying to support, as much as possible, is Patrick’s mission with the peoples of East Africa, including Northern Mozambique. Funds are helpful, and we try to send some, but audio Bibles last longer and have a deeper impact. This seems to be an idea expressed by the leaders of those communities themselves.

Patrick and his family

We also received news and shocking images from Pakistan, where real persecution to Christians is taking place.
India and Sri Lanka are also in contact with us. They are very much in need of our prayers. They frequently asking for audio Bibles. We have encourafed Raj, our dear brother from India who works now with shipping from China, to help with the difficult task of bringing audio Bibles into these two countries. We hope this will succeed.

The audio Bible and the online Bible are really an answer to prayer in these difficult countries. In Pakistan, for example, we hear that they attack churches and burn Bible books. Also, having a personal Bible book is incriminating. A digital online access is much safer in the majority of situations. That could be one reason why we have so much online traffic from India, (and increasingly so from China).

Our online stats show the constant demand for Bibles, all over the world, as people seek guidance and encouragement in times of global crises:

The world is changing right in front of our eyes and as evil seems to thrive in world, with its cult of death, we also should abide more and more in the work of God, sharing and spreading the life that comes from Jesus’. “…the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” (John 6:63) .

Thank you for your support and your prayers.